2024 Bunny Run Rally - Rally Master Letter

Dear Ralliers:

We hope you had a great time running the Bunny Run Road Rally on Saturday night, April 27th, despite the cold and damp finish.

Eleven of the 16 teams finished the rally, so perhaps the rally was more difficult for some than we had hoped. Nevertheless, some teams did very well, coming in very close to the official time. Other teams reported almost the exact total mileage. Three teams recorded all the bunny signs.

There was some concern from experts about the sequence of directions given on Honey Hollow Road and one team challenged the instruction “Bear Left after "POUND”, since there were two “POUND” signs on Route 137. But at the first “POUND” (which was admittedly tiny) the left turn was a sharp left (not a bear left) and the left turn was at the POUND sign, not after it.

Upon collecting the bunny signs the following morning, there was one sign that was missing. Since none of the 16 rally teams reported it, we assume it was “stolen” before the rally began by a hungry racoon. There were 45 bunny signs in all. Congratulations to the five teams that noted that one of the signs was a turkey and not a bunny. We just wanted to see if you were paying attention and we didn’t count this in the scoring.

The winners of the 2024 Bunny Run were Jesse Lipsher and Barbara Gebela who totaled an amazingly low 88 points.

The remaining top-of-the-order was:

2nd place went to Ken Frey & Dave Trezza with 441 points

3rd place went to Stefan & Tyler Heinz with 567 points

4th place was tied. Both the team of Joanna & Chris Straub, and the team of Andrew Trager & Theresa Connelly had 667 points.

Thanks to Emmy and Diane Mays for helping with the rally registration. And thanks to Jesse Lipscher, Barbara Gebela, and Ken Frey for logistics help. Special thanks goes to Christine and Dani, last year’s cup winners, who did a cold run prior to the rally to shake out any problems.

And thanks to everyone for participating. We hope to see you at the next two rallies in the Fall. Please keep an eye out for the schedule on our wscc.org website.

Mark and Don

Your rally masters.

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