The 2016 WSCC Bunny Run

by Ken Frey

I would like to thank all the entrants who participated in the 2016 WSCC Bunny Run for joining us. I am still a novice at this designing a rally game, this being my fourth Chairing of a rally. My goal from the start has been to have as many people finish the rally as possible. Several people at Applebee’s asked me after the event if this was the first time that everybody finished a rally. I cannot answer that as the club has been putting on rallies for 67 years. But I do not remember another rally that everyone has finished before this one. Everybody talked about the great roads and some of the Bunnies being a challenge. With all the work that goes into putting on a rally, it is very rewarding to have one come off with such nice comments and great results.

I want to first thank the people who helped work on the rally. Thanks to Phyllis Miller for doing the first cold of the event. Thanks to Dave Trezza for doing the second cold run of the rally and manning the checkpoint. Thank you Frank Cardone for doing the third cold run of the rally, helping me put up the Bunnies and manning the check point. Thank you Debbi and Gary Kanzler for running registration for us. Thanks to Jesse Lipscher for producing the results for me. Thanks to Mike Caroll for conducting the Novice Talk. Thanks also to Ed McGuirk who came to work the rally that night and ended up running the event with GJ Dixon…………and was rewarded by missing third place by only one point! Lastly, thanks to my Dad for driving me around the following day to pick up the Bunnies.

I don’t ever recall a rally where the top finishers were so close and were so close to the exact time before. Two cars finishing within three seconds of the exact time when the rally is two and a half hours long is outrageous! Kudos to Brian and Sean Johnston for winning the rally and only being three seconds off the mark and seeing the most Bunnies. Big congratulations to David Kimball and Peter Newman with an unbelievable time of being only ONE SECOND off of the exact time.

All the Bunny signs were seen by some of the teams. 50% of the teams saw 85% of the Bunnies. All the Bunny signs were picked up the following day.

We look forward to seeing you all at future rallies. Please talk up the rallies to your friends. Have a great summer!