This rally was one of many firsts.  What we mean by that is as follows:


This was the first rally where everybody finished (23 out of 24 cars, one car quit due to car sickness).  We must have made this rally too easy; normally 50-75% finish rate is good.  Still not sure how some of you finished as some of you missed the first, second or both intermediate check points.


One person actual found and recorded all the signs correctly, another first.  Many of you saw 50 plus signs but not all 59.  We were surprised how many of you actually saw the signs on 684; of course if you were doing 55 in the right lane they were very visible.  Several of you noted them only on the second leg of 684, not the first.


The final first was that we had to use the Tie breaker, that never happened before and the funny thing was that it was for first place.  We don’t expect this will ever happen again, odds are slight that it would have happened in the first place.


Many of you fell for the “STOP” trick in the first ten miles, remember that things in “     (quotes) refer to that word and in this case not just a STOP sign.  Other than that, there were a few complaints but everyone seemed to figure it out, no real mistakes.


All in all everyone seem to have enjoyed the rally, which is what we like to hear.


See you all next year.


Dave and Pat (Rally Masters)