> Jesse,
> I am not sure if you were at the event yesterday at Orchard Beach...
> I am the fellow with the white car who had belongings stolen by some
> low-life local.
> I am writing to thank you, and all of the amazing members of your group
> for their support during the precarious situation at Orchard Beach.  I
> made new friends, got to test my car for the first time, and well... got
> stuff stolen... :)  I got my cell phone back, but not my wallet, jacket or
> keys.
> I spent the evening at the police station till about 12:30 doing paper
> work etc...
> But again, I wanted to thank all the members especially the blonde fellow
> who looks like race car driver JJ Leto!  He's a fine citizen, and really
> owe him and the crew a beer.
> Despite the bad first experience, I look forward to future events, and you
> better bet I will come equipped with a locked chest for my stuff!
> If you can, please extend my thanks to these members.
> Kind regards,

Thank you for your understanding in a such lousy situation. 
Obviously, we don't have too much control of the situation outside of the
area confined by our ropes.  I am glad you wrote to me... I was there and
feel horrible for you, and worse, felt fairly powerless in the situation.

After the event (still on the site) we immediately discussed ways that we
can change the way we run the event to prevent this type of situation in
the future.

What we came up with is, we will put all the cars participating in the
event within the corded off area.  We will issue wrist-bands at
registration for drivers and their "crew".  If anyone is seen (by anyone)
within the corded off area without a wrist-band, they will be asked to
leave immediately.  We will also have posted in the trailer the direct
phone numbers for the local precinct of the police, fire dept and

That should help an unfortunate situation like this taking place in the
future.  It is very difficult to find a site in the area and Orchard Beach
is a good site for us.  We will work toward isolating ourselves as much as
possible from the beach traffic.

Thanks again for your understanding and if there is anything within our
control that we can do to help, let me know.

Jesse Lipscher
Westchester Sports Car Club