WSCC - 2004 SUN-Day Rally Results

Here are the results. Top three teams (lowest penalty points) get a trophy, as well as top husband/wife and family teams. Nobody entered as ladies class, so no trophy there. This was a long rally at 2 hours and 50 minutes total. Nobody made it anywhere close to that time. There were three stages (three checkpoints) so the rally is basically 3 small rallies in one. In my defense, there were quite a few people who did one or two stages in near perfect time and were royally late on one stage. That happened to some people on stage 1, some on stage 2, and some on 3. So I think the stages were fair, but just too hard for a rally of this length. You were also scored on SUNNY signs (there were 35 after discounting one missing and one swinging by one nail that I did not count from the 37 I hung) and the "perfect mileage" guess (it was 99.55 miles). There was one off-course SUNNY sign (hung if you missed the dreaded "FOURTH LEFT" that many people missed). Perfect time to checkpoints one (start to 1) was 54:23. Perfect time to checkpoint two (1 to 2) was 43:04. Perfect time to checkpoint 3 (2 to 3) was 1:13:51.

Because of the error in instruction number 8, I granted any time allowances asked for it. I also granted any time allowances for the police checkpoint setup by the "third Bonnie Brooke" instruction and one time allowance for someone changing a flat tire.

Interesting statistics:

-The winners (Dave and Pat in the Volvo 780) were 5 minutes and 58 seconds late to checkpoint 1, 34 minutes and 3 seconds late to checkpoint 2, and 26 minutes and 2 seconds late to checkpoint 3. They had 31 signs and were only 6 miles off on the total mileage.

-The 6 teams came within 7 minutes "perfect time" to at least one checkpoint. But spread out among the three checkpoints.

-One car had perfect signs: car #1, Brian and Sean, father and son (he wrote "sun", but didn't get extra points for it). Not only did they have every single sign and didn't get the off course sign, but each sign was drawn perfectly neat and exactly as it looked hanging. I don't know how they did that in a moving car. For most of you if there was a blotch that looked kind of like what it was supposed to, you got it. They also came into a checkpoint as close to perfect time than anyone else (1 minute 56 seconds at checkpoint 2).

-As I'm driving to setup checkpoint one buzzing up the I87 at 80mph after the start of the rally, I'm zooming by ralliests left and right (average speed is 60mph on that instruction). I pass Stacey and Peter in their big Expedition and notice they're keeping up with me at 75mph. As a joke I honk and point at my watch and my speedometer, and Stacey looks down at her speedometer and the truck quickly slows down. They were the only team to get to a checkpoint early (1 min 57 seconds to checkpoint 2) but then asked for a 7 minute time allowance for getting pulled over by the police!! Oops, now you're 9 minutes early. They also asked for a 40 minute time allowance for the error before checkpoint one, but were only 17 minutes late for checkpoint 1!!!! Double oops! Did you guys think the time was cumulative? If you asked for a time allowance you got it for the leg you asked for it on. I felt bad, but it turns out the time difference would not have moved them up the scoring list because they were very late at checkpoint 3. I didn't have the heart to double your points at checkpoint one because your time allowance now made you 23 minutes early.

-Beth and Jayme: I used the time checkpoint 3 closed as your finish time, since you did come in as I closed it, and I gave you the time allowance you asked for.