Westchester Sport Car Club

2003 Halloween Rally

Awards: T=Trophy Positions, H/W=Husband/Wife, P/C=Parent/Child, L=Ladies. WSCC Members in bold font.
 Actual Time - 1:07:17 Actual Time - 1:22:56 
PositionCar #DriverNavigatorVehicleClass1st Check PointPts2nd Check PointPtsSignsO/C & Out of Order SignsExtra PersonMore than 15 min earlyWrong way at a check pointTotal Score
1T6Don MaysDiane MaysWay too fast red Audi rocket.H/WEarly26Late1019400    1445
2T7Eddie ClaridgeBob KleinmanWRX or PT Turbo? Next time? Late1534Late190200    1924
315Tina VillardiMike CarollNo it not a Scoobie, itís a Nissan. Late1003Late7582600    4361
44Terry DemarcoDave GillThe Honda Acorn. Late1710Late29531400100   6163
5 P/C3Brian JohnstonSean JohnstonThe Acurate IntegraF/SLate5039Late921400    6360
6 H/W19Russell BattleKerry BattleBetter Dodge those deer.H/WLate3934Early10192900  10195009372
Completed first check point, Did not finish on final check point.
78Jesse LipscherBarbara GebalaThe new Ford ExploderH/WLate356Late100001300200   11856
81Robert DillonJayme TynanThe shiny gold plated Jeep. Late206Late100001500200   11906
912Joane VivolaDanielle JacksonWhen does the Grand Prix Start?LLate385Late100001600200   12185
1013John ChristouG.J. DixonCan you hear me "NOW" yellow Isuzu. Late1232Late100001600200   13032
1117Zephyr BelskiParis MangelsdorfWho hit my blue neon? Late1323Late100001800200   13323
129Jens MillerPeter NewmanV-old-folks Wagon Late1908Late100001500300   13708
132Stacey NadlerPeter O'MearaPurple Geo Tractor! Late1837Late100001700200   13737
1414Art SwartzPaul KraskoBoy Meets World (BMW) Late2749Late100001800200   14749
1511Jim VorosEva BarabasWish my Audi was red. Late1222Late100004900    16122
Did not finish, handed in answer sheet
165Gary KanzlerDebbi KanzlerWhat red Audi, it's a red Lexus.H/WLate5000Late100004000    19000
Did not finish, no answer sheet
1710Robert LucaKay LowueberLets go four wheeling in this Olds. Late5000Late100004900    19900
1716Rob DennisonAlbert LeeWow, I wish our Jeep was gold. Late5000Late100004900    19900
1718Larry GenovaFrancine GenovaIs this the new Honda? Late5000Late100004900    19900
1720Jeff JaisliStace CaseriaWhat mello yellow Mini? Late5000Late100004900    19900
1721Pete MarianiJohn RotaYes, my RSX has a sensative shotgun. Late5000Late100004900    19900
1722Sandy FrankJudy FrankWhere's Ray Catena Lexus? Late5000Late100004900    19900