WSCC High Points Award

This award is given to the member who accumulates the most non-driving points during the year. Points are given to club members for various activities (see table below). High Points Awards are given to the top 15% of club members in the points standing.

ActivityPoints Awarded
Attendance at meetings, special and social events5 points
Entertainment at special and social events5 points
Running in WSCC autocross or rally5 points
Bringing in new WSCC member5 points
"Cold" runs on WSCC Rally5 points/max. 3 times
Contributing to "WHEELS"5 to 10 points
Working at WSCC autocross, rally, special or social event10 points
Co-Chairperson of special and social events20 points/max. 2 times
Chairperson of special and social events25 points/max. 2 times
Autocross Co-Chairperson20 points/max. 2 times
Autocross Chairperson25 points/max. 2 times
Rally Co-Chairperson30 points/max. 2 times
Rally Co-Chairperson35 points/max. 2 times

YearHigh Point Award Winner
2010Debbi Kanzler
2009Debbi Kanzler
2008Debbi Kanzler
2007Debbi Kanzler
2006Ken Frey
2005Ken Frey
2004Jesse Lipscher
2003Gary Kanzler
2002Debbi Kanzler
2001Debbi Kanzler
2000Jesse Lipscher
1999Valerie Christou
1998Frank Cardone & Valerie Christou
1997Valerie Christou
1996Frank Cardone
1995Frank Cardone
1994Debbi Kanzler
1993Debbi Kanzler
1992Ray Lee Chee
1991Gary Kanzler
1990Gary Kanzler
1989Debbi Kanzler
1988Debbi Kanzler
1987Frank Cardone
1986Stuart Kestenbaum
1985Frank Cardone
1984Frank Cardone
1983Frank Cardone
1982Frank Cardone
1981Steven Glassman
1980Mary Glassman
1979Ken Frey
1978Ken Frey
1977Marvin Minkon
1976Ken Frey
1974Marvin Minkon
1973Marvin Minkon
1972Marvin Minkon
1971Harold Nielsen
1969Harry Fanelli
1968Joe Durante
1967Joe Durante
1966James Kennedy
1965Bill Fox & Charles Kirby
1964Harry Newton
1963Robert Hood
1962Fred Coller & Gordon Evans
1961Fred Coller
1960A. & R. Pancotti & R. & P. Woolf
1959Walter Stehman
1958Marge & Bob Paylor
1957Sal & Dick Langdon