WSCC Chenault Award

The Chenault Award is given by the WSCC Board of Directors to the person who has made the great positive impact on the club during the year. The Chenault Award is the highest honor that a member can receive. It is purely based on recognition by the board. At the Awards Dinner, each board member is given a secret ballot on which they write 3 names. The first name is given 3 point, 2nd name is given 2 points and the 3rd name is given 1 point. The person with the most points wins the Chenault Award.

YearAward Winner
2010Frank Cardone
2009Frank Cardone
2008Mike Caroll & Ken Frey (tie)
2007Frank Cardone
2006Ken Frey
2005Ken Frey
2004Frank Cardone & Ken Frey
2003Frank Cardone, Ken Frey & Jesse Lipscher
2002Jesse Lipscher
2001Jesse Lipscher
2000Jesse Lipscher
1999Frank Cardone
1998Valerie Christou
1997Valerie Christou
1996Doug Milks
1995Frank Cardone
1994Ken Frey
1993Ken Frey & Gary Kanzler
1992Frank Cardone
1991Frank Cardone
1990Debbi Kanzler
1989Frank Cardone
1988Frank Cardone
1987Frank Cardone
1986Frank Cardone
1985Frank Cardone
1984Marvin Minkon
1983Frank Cardone
1982Frank Cardone & Marvin Minkon
1981Mary Glassman
1980Marvin Minkon
1979Bart Golankiewicz
1978Marvin Minkon
1977Marvin Minkon
1976Bill Barnum
1975Edward Luiso
1974Marty Luiso
1972Bill Barnum & Carol Minkon
1971Harold Nielsen
1970Marvin Minkon
1969Sally Langdon & Marvin Minkon
1968Marvin Minkon
1967Philip Levin
1966Arthur Jacobs
1965Philip E. Young
1964Harry Fanelli
1963Harry Newton
1962Gordon Stewart
1961Dick Langdon
1960Bob Hood
1959John W. Harrison
1958Joseph J. Lane Jr.
1957Douglas Holyoke
1956William O'Donnell
1955Frank Miller
1954Walter J. Stehman
1953Joseph J. Lane Jr.